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Once Upon a Time in the North, anyone?

I pre-ordered the book and finished it in a few hours on Tuesday. It's not surprising considering it is a very compact book (I haven't read Lyra's Oxford yet so I didn't expect the book to be the size it was) but it was so engrossing I probably would have stayed up to finish it. I had planned to write about it Wednesday but I got sick. I'm proud Once Upon a Time in the North was manufactured in Malaysia. :D It's a beautifully made book and I do think if I had a choice between a paperback version or the hardcover version, I would still choose the hardcover one, though it would be more expensive. There's also a boardgame included, where aeronauts compete to be the last remaining one in the sky. I haven't played it yet (they say the minimum is four players) as I and my friends have been too busy, but some of the "Hazards" are pretty amusing.

I really adored this book and I'm glad Pullman wrote it. I hope he writes one for Serafina one day.

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His Dark Materials Stamping


This isn't my community but there's a serious lack of members and we could really use more people over here. Come and find out whether you're Mrs. Coulter, Lyra, Iorek, Serafina or whoever.

And vote too---we all need them.


Don't read this if you haven't finished reading the trilogy:


The GOLDEN COMPASS just won the 2008 BAFTA Visual Effects award. Who would have thunk?

a hello & other things.

I finished the series about a week ago after seeing the movie (well, and I got Golden Compass for Christmas) and couldn't read it fast enough because I just wanted to know the ending :D

I have some thoughts on the ending of the third book that I couldn't helpCollapse )

And a request of sorts that may be considered spoileryCollapse )

Hope to enjoy this community a lot, since I did enjoy the books a lot, and sorry for my wordiness...it happens :x
Film: The Golden Compass
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Feb. 5th, 2008

After watching the movie, I was left feeling like they'd delivered a great beginning, a great middle, and completely forgot to put in an ending. I saw it at a theater at the mall and so afterwards I went straight from the theater to Waldenbooks and bought a boxed set of the entire trilogy.

Spoilers for The Golden Compass novelCollapse )

That said, I really do hope they come out with the second and third movies to complete the series. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they'll pale in comparison to the books, but I'd like to see the trilogy completed on the silver screen as well. A shame that it didn't do well domestically... I feel quite confident in saying that it's a far more interesting series than Harry Potter!


Jordan College The Rules and Application

Twenty years before the events of The Golden Compass, travelers from every world imaginable are gathering in Asriel's Oxford and under the northern lights of Bolvangar. Rips and tears in the fabric of the multiverse lead them to the world of Lord Asriel, where they are whisked away to Oxford or the frozen North by Asriel's men for purposes unknown. Humans- or at least beings who can pass for human- are taken to Jordan College to assist Asriel's more scholarly efforts. Those different enough to raise eyebrows and attract the all-seeing eye of the Church, however, are shipped to Norroway, among the panserbjørne and witches of the far north.

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book question about the alethiometer

The following question isn't really a spoiler but the answers will probably be, so caution to those who haven't read the 3rd book.

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The World of the Golden Compass Anthology

Hey HDM fans!

I just wanted you guys to know that Borders (and Borders only) is carrying a book specifically about the HDM trilogy. It's a collection of essays that discuss Phillip Pullman and his novels. This book was actually released just in time for the movie, so after you finish reading the books and have seen the movie, you'll want to check out the book. It's edited by Scott Westerfeld (of the Uglies) and has essays by well-known writers like Deb Caletti, Ned Vizzini, and Ellen Hopkins.

You can reserve a copy at your local Borders here: