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I recently read a blog that reviewed the His Dark Materials trilogy negatively when it came to gender portrayals. I posted an excerpt from the blog along with some thoughts over at midsummeroath HERE and was wondering what other fans of the series thought about the sexuality and gender of the characters and if the series can be interpreted in a feminist light.
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Fanart Help

Um, hi, I'm Danielle, and I need a bit of help. If I am not allowed to post this, feel free to delete. I really, really want to do a Lyra/Will fanart piece, and I was wondering if anyone knows, if it is mentioned in the books, what colour eyes the two have? I was going to give Lyra brown eyes but I don't know about Will, and I didn't want to make a huge mistake and colour it completely wrong. Also, I'm going to do Will's hair black like his eyebrows - am I making any mistakes?

Thank you,
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i'm trying to get this multi-fandom friending meme out to all corners of lj, and i think the silent hdm group needs a little action! this fandom needs life!

apologies to those who are seeing this all over the place. ♥

(mods, feel free to delete if this is unwanted!)
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New Affiliate!

I am pleased to announce this community's affiliation with cloudedmountain, a new HDM community that will be hosting weekly discussions on themes in the series. The community also welcomes fanworks (art, fics, etc.) and monthly drabble contests.

So join up and spread the HDM love!

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Finished reading HDM

I finished re-re-re-reading His Dark Materials yesterday, twice in Finnish, twice in English. (Once when I was reading my boyfriend looked at me really funnily and asked "Are you reading it for the second time?" and I answered "Well... Actually the fourth." He has also read HDM, thanks to me, but he's not the reading type and I guess he doesn't understand how some books can mean the world to the person who loves them)

I started the Golden Compass for over a year ago, so as you can see I haven't been hurrying too much. As I know what's going to happen in the three books, I can read them slowly and whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I used to read them as a bedtime story, sometimes when I had nothing else to read and sometimes when I just wanted to spend some time with Lyra and Will or whoever starring the book at the moment. But everything good has to end sometime, and now I think I should wait at least a year before I start it again.

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I've been thinking of bying hardcover British versions of these all, also I should by Lyra's Oxford and Once Upon a Time in the North. I've got only the Finnish translation (hardcover, which I'm never going to read again because the translation sucks big time) and US version (paperback), but I want the UK hardcover where's Pullman's illustrations in the beginnings of the chapters, and the Golden Compass is the Northern Lights as it should be. Also I want them separately, and I don't want any movie covers. Huugh I'm so demanding! I'm quite a fanatic, I guess. I found something promising from amazon.com.uk, but I have to think about it a bit more. And it's going to cost a few pennies, but I think it'll be worth it.

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